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So that the production process of the product to reach the leading domestic level, for the star hotel

Author: Shengdi of Shenzhen.Carmen Furniture Co., LTD 浏览: 2019-06-04 10:21:39

Shenzhen Shengdi.Carmen furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2005, under the "matador", "Santi.Carmen "two major series。The company has always pursued the design concept of "noble elegance combined with fashion", through the cooperation with the famous French design team, after a long time of careful construction, officially launched "matador" and "Saint Di".Carmen "brand, products advocate noble atmosphere, full of fashion trend of the new home life concept。Meanwhile, Santi.Carmen furniture at all costs to introduce foreign advanced equipment and production technology, so that the production of products to the domestic leading level, for star hotels, clubs, villas and other high-end customer groups to provide a batch of novel design, fine workmanship products。

All the time Santi.Carmen furniture positioning clear, accurate target, adhere to strict inspection standards to purchase raw materials。Materials in environmental protection, durability, comfort and other aspects, must meet the global quality requirements。

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